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Protect Your Home With Approved Alarm Systems

Perimeter security is a term used to define the measures that one can take in order to detect, defend, deter and delay intruders trying to gain access to one’s property. Perimeter security is paramount to protect industrial or commercial properties, or critical facilities or even residential areas. There are a number of ways to implement perimeter security around a property. A few of them are:.

  • Perimeter fencing
  • Electric/Laser fences. These fences have the ability to pinpoint perimeter disturbances, thus making it quicker for the occupants to be alerted to where a potential intrusion is taking place.
  • Buried cable detection systems which provide covert perimeter security, detecting the exact location of intruders.
  • Closed-loop systems which have vibration sensor cables installed at high and low levels on a perimeter fence.
  • CCTV to oversee the perimeter.
  • Intrusion alarms
  • Area Masking
  • Beam detector

Basic alarms and detection systems are great when it comes to detecting a break-in, but preventing an intrusion before the actual break-in and damage incurred to the property is even better. This is where the real advantage of perimeter security comes into play. With proper perimeter security, one can lay down ‘levels of defence’ around their property which cannot only detect intrusions but also able to help prevent break-ins. Setting up these levels of defence’ serves a dual purpose – a perfect counter mechanism to curb the attempts of thieves, and give ample time to both the owner and nearby residents (in personal properties) and security officials (in commercial and military installations) to take appropriate action.

Internal Security System

The internal security system is the cheapest form and provides protection of your property when you are not at home. This involves a number of detection devices being installed though out the premises so as to detect if an intruder has gained entry into the premises. If any of the detection devices are activated the siren and strobe will activate and if the system is monitored the monitoring station will also be notified. The monitoring station can also determine which device or devices activate and with training an operator can determine very easily if a break in has occurred and even where it has happened. Eg main bedroom, games room, passage , family room and can track the intruder through the premises.

Detection Devices

Movement Detector – or more commonly called a Passive Infra Red (PIR) this device will activate if there is heat and movement, which can be an intruder, a pet moving about, a breeze through an open window and can also be an open fire. The most common and least expensive form of detection.

Pet Sensors – are designed to allow pets to be left inside your home and allowing you to turn your alarm on. They normally will not detect object up to a certain size, although they are not 100% guaranteed as they will activate if the pet get close to the device as its size will appear bigger to the detector.

Reed Switch – are a magnet and a small reed (contact) that when the magnet is moved away will activate. These are commonly used on doors and windows.

Beams – are a combination of a transmitter and a receiver that sends a signal between them in the form of abeam. This can be a single beam, twin or quad beam and can operate over a few metres across a door or window or can operate over hundreds of meters to protect a large yard. These need to be line of sight between the transmitter and received and can be adjusted so that birds can fly through the beam without activating it while if an intruder walks through the beam/s then they will be detected and the alarm activated.

Hold-Up buttons – is a button that when pressed will activate the alarm and if monitored will contact the monitoring station. These can be single buttons or to reduce the chance of false alarms the best are dual buttons that require both buttons to be activated at the same time to activate the alarm. Dual button are mandatory if you want police to attend.

Smoke Alarms – Smoke alarms can now be connected to security systems so that if the alarm system is monitored it can provide early notification of the presence of smoke in the premises. Smoke alarms MUST be cleaned regularly. Smoke alarms MUST be cleaned regularly.

Industrial Alarms – anything that you require notification that a fault has occurred can be connected and monitored. These include gas, water, power, chlorine, temperature.

Alarm Servicing and Repairs
Ensure your premises stay safe and secure with regular alarm testing and maintenance. We offer alarm servicing and repairs on a wide range of products including alarm panels, sirens, detectors and keypads.

Brands we use, recommend and service include:

  • Ademco, Honeywell, ADI.
  • Bosch, Solution, EDM.
  • NX or DAS.
  • DSC
  • Ness
  • Crow
  • Tecom, Challenger, GE.
  • Risco.