Access Control System: Ensuring Security from all Walks of Life

A properly integrated security system is about more than just CCTV monitoring and alarm system. Whether you’re running a commercial enterprise, an industrial site, or you simply beef up at your home, Security access control systems are ideal. These systems allow you to regulate, who can view or use resources in airports, hospitals, prisons, etc.

With the help of access control system, you can:

  • Connect to your CCTV system to allow the visual confirmation of personnel
  • Connect with time-log systems for personnel records
  • Constitutes of swipe cards, pin code access and proximity readers

At Casals Security, we are dedicated to provide you with fully comprehensive and integrated Security systems in Melbourne. Our access control systems allow you to manage user access from remote locations to ensure productivity, safety and peace of mind.

The Need

Access Control System can be tweaked to offer the most convenient and safe types of access either for your home or for your business. Entry is done through technology, such as, magnetic stripes, bar codes, biometrics, cards, etc. which means that there’s a system that will well manage with your budget. If you are not sure which system to go with, simply ask a professional for his recommendation.

The Benefits

Access control systems provide a more secure alternative to physical locks and keys. Using fingerprints, cards, these systems track the people who leave and enter a building providing security against unauthorized individuals.
Security Access Control Systems are integrated into other security platforms as well, such as, alarm systems, alarm monitoring, and CCTV Cameras. They can be maintained and managed from one central computer location over a site’s security. These can be installed across all the rooms, lodgings and areas of your premises for added protection.

The Software

Various software integrated for Security Access Control System are as follows:

  • Titan

Titan is a software tool for controlling and programming a challenger security system. It can used onsite or remotely via modern or IP connection. It is normally used by installers with a laptop PC to program challenger systems, and also be used to control and maintain their challenger system.

  • Inner Range

Inner Range Access Control systems are flexible and offer you a perfect fit for your organization regardless of its risk and size. It also offers you extensive capabilities, which would you expect from the state-of-the art enterprise level access control system.

Inner range inception is an integrated access control and security alarm system that permits the installers with Inner Range Programming to influence the company’s engineering expertise in the most intuitive possible manner.

  • Management Software for Concept 4000 Systems

Management software solution provides consumers with user friendly control and management Concept 4000 hardware platforms.

Control operators and user friendly programming of themes, such as users’ doors and lifts within one or multiple Concept 4000 controllers.

  • Security Commander

Security Commander permits an easy management of cardholder access during the course of a single or multiple sites. Cards can be created and cardholder access can manage to reduce manual data entry. Integrated photo ID allows for custom designing of card layouts.

Get in touch with Casals Security in Melbourne today. Our experienced team of talented professionals will help take care of your any queries.

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