Deciding the security systems for your protection

Deciding the security systems for your protection

Having an ideal security system is the easiest way to ensure the safety of your belongings. As now, we live in a very volatile society and threats may come from any direction. Plotted harms by criminals, thieves & depressed one, unpredictable natural disasters, robberies and burglaries, all are reported every now and then. By considering all these dangers, more technical enhanced security systems have been developed and are readily available in the market. Whichever you choose from this vast variety, they will eventually protect you and your precious possession from the surrounding perils. So, if you also want to look for a security system for yourself, get yourself affirmed with their types & nitty-gritty of the system.

Usually, security systems have the same goal i.e. to monitor your property and deter thieves, but along with deterring theft, many systems can also detect hazards like water leaks, fire and etc. This helps in notifying you before the occurrence of any emergency or before too much damage is done. Some security system come with 24*7 monitoring services, that always keeps an eye on your home & rapidly responds with an alarming sound or make emergency calls to the concerned authorities like police, fire department, ambulance services, immediately. Top in the list of benefits is, they let our mind in peace.

Now, let’s explore some of their kinds with us to get more acquainted with different types of security systems.

Surveillance System/CCTV: It covers the CCTV installation that protects your gears by surveying & collecting evidence of illegal activities if exists. Digital security cameras or video surveillance is one of the most significant intruder detectors to ensure safety and security. There are varieties of camera types available in the market, which are quite easy to configure and install. These can be installed at the entry gate or any such place where the chances of intrusion are higher. They capture moving images and give a higher resolution picture, to detect the entry of any uninvited guest.

Wireless Alarm Systems: They are the most appropriate system for security purposes, whether required in home or workplace. It works through radio signals, which are effective enough to alert the authority in case of any harm or intrusion. One of the best things in wireless alarm systems is that they can be placed anywhere without getting into the notice of intruders or any other person.

Access Control System: This equipment creates a safer environment at your workplace or business area. It allows access to authorized personnel only, whilst discouraging opportunistic theft. Casals Security designs the best customary access control system for your business, according to your need of controlling access to a single door or to the entire building. Access control systems can be biometric based and proximity based or card access based.

Biometric Access Control System – This system allows access through fingerprint and time attendance control. This physical access control system helps in protecting your people and property by authorizing the access or revocation of rights to physical or logical assets within an organization.

Proximity Access Control System/Card Access – It is widely used in offices and banks. Supporting more confidential access, these control systems are available in different time zone settings and multiple door groups to ensure absolute safety. The proximity card or smart card when held near the electronic reader.

for a moment enables the identification of an encoded number and allows access only to the authorized one.

Here is a quick wrap up of the features provided by the access control systems:

  • They track and deter access throughout the building.
  • Assists in auditing movement and attendance of your staff
  • It restricts the access to sensitive zones.
  • It creates a safer working environment
  • It can remotely administer multiple facilities through one GUI.

Intercom System: Intercom plays a vital role in making your property safer. Video intercom offers the utmost security by giving visual and keyless access control. It restricts outside and inside access. In order to enhance their effectiveness, it can also be combined with functions like video surveillance. IP-based video if combined with intercom will allow the images to be placed on a network. It is beneficial in case, there is no man at the security desk to watch the movement or the person is far away, he/she is granted an access to see the video via the network. Intercoms have many subsidiary yet important functions. Like, they are also suitable in emergency situations, when people need to be warned, and needed to be directed to a location by giving vital information on the mass level.

So, we hope that you get all the imperative know-hows of the security systems and their advantages and how they play an influential role in the security of our goods and possessions.


To ensure you the safety, our innovative hands design the crux you are looking for, in an ideal security system. We know that security means much more than just a locked door and cameras. Casals Security has set a benchmark as an Australian owned Security Systems in Melbourne, whose first priority is to protect your home, family or business rather than just working as a seller. They want to make you feel confident that you are appointing the leading fire and security provider for your needs. They design, install, maintain and monitor Electronic Alarm Systems and home alarm systems, throughout Melbourne. Moreover, they will train you and your staffs with the user guidelines from the high-end technology-based access control equipment to conventional access control systems, so that you can manage your system easily.

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