What you should know about the mobotix M16 camera

What you should know about the mobotix M16 camera

Surveillance cameras have become very useful in recent times with live display helping property owner monitor their property sometimes monitoring can be done remotely. The science and technology behind the surveillance has gone a long way from where it was to where it is now. It is usually uncommon to be blown away by the features and specifications of a surveillance camera but Mobotix has outdone the standards with this one.

Not too many surveillance cameras out there can boast of being capable of doing better than the M16. In this post, we will list some of its special features with hopes of convincing you to get nothing less. We will also tell you where you can get it in Australia.

The Mobotix M16 screams excellence in its engineering and build-quality. Its hardware and software show that a lot thought and research was put into the making of the camera to make it an all-rounder and a complete solution camera as described by John Adams who reviewed the product.

The most obvious of the qualities to notice when holding the camera is that it is very compact for what it contains and it is housed in a case that shows a touch of finesse. The housing to which the camera is integrated is made with Polybutylene Terephthalate which is further enforced with glass fiber.

This gives the camera the much-needed ability to withstand very harsh conditions such as heat, acid, rain and oil. The reinforcement brings about a reliable resistance against impact, increase in strength and ruggedness. Furthermore, the camera has a mean time before failure of 80,000 hours which means that it can last up to 9 years with continuous operation. Impressed already?

Moving on to the performance of the camera, the Mobotix M16 camera has two image sensors which can be interchanged. The one used in the day is of course colored while that used in the night is monochrome. The total pixel count for each is 3072×2048 at up to 42ips and the engine of the camera comes with a dual-core microprocessor.

The M16 is very capable of operating in a temperature range from -30 to 60 degrees C, features an internal micro SD DVR, a microphone, and speaker, a PIR sensor, a temperature sensor and a shock detector. Power consumption is at 7W, dimensions, as mentioned earlier, are compact at 210 x 158 x 207mm and weight at 1.160kg.

The camera when ordered comes with screws, dowels, screw caps, a pair of Allen keys, a module key, a VarioFlex wall and ceiling mount with rubber sealing, a 0.5m Ethernet patch cable, and a blind module, all very useful accessories. It is worthy of note to also state that a range of image sensor lens options can be selected from, before placing your order.

This camera has excellent resolutions with no noticeable blurs in the day and very negligible at night. It would also interest you to know that the camera produces good results in areas of uneven lighting as well as in totally dark rooms with the help of the green LED it possesses.

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