Footsteps to secure your home from burglary

Footsteps to Secure Your Home from Burglary

You have just found that your nearby house has been robbed. You might also be a bit panic-stricken; after all, it could have been your house too. With your family’s security in mind, you are perhaps wondering what can be done to make your home more safe and secure. If that so is the case, then you have come to the right place, as Casals Security is making a sincere attempt to explain a step-by-step plan to secure your house.

Here’s what to do to save yourself from burglary and increasing your home’s defense against such incidents.

1. Learn More about the Theft That Occurred Nearby Your Area

If any burglary happened nearby your area, then you should find out the ground reasons as much as you can about the crime – starting with how the robber broke in. Collecting such details can help you better secure your house.

Note: Burglars usually find entry through an unlocked window or door, so it is important to keep your doors locked and windows shut properly at all times.

2. Conduct a Security Inventory

Discover your house’s possible security loopholes and fix them. It is particularly essential to assess the susceptibility of your house’s exterior doors to theft, as damaging or destroying a door is the most popular burglar break-in tactic. So, if your doors are fragile, replace them with high-security doors.

Note: For additional safety, install a security camera above the entrance of your home. Consider purchasing one with motion detection and notification abilities, so you will be notified, the moment someone smashes your door and able to see their actions right from your cell phone.

3. Buy a Security System

If you have not yet installed a security system, then get one. Home security system can boost your family’s safekeeping by alerting you to hazards such as fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide. You can get to know more about the several benefits that a home security system offers from Casals Security and find out which ones do we recommend. We provide Home Security System in Melbourne to safeguard your house and family from different perils.

Note: Mounting a monitored home security system may even lower your landowner’s insurance premium. You need to contact your insurance provider, once your system is in place.

4. Get Motion Activated Lights Fitted

We strongly recommend fitting motion activated lights around your house, as thieves don’t want to be seen. These lights automatically turn on when they sense movement; surprising possible intruders while letting you see who is approaching your home.

Note: Like as it is good to lighten-up the exterior of your house, it is equally important to illuminate your home’s interior, especially when you are away at night. You can take help of the corresponding apps to control your house’s lights remotely.

5. Follow Security Practices that Discourage Burglars

Make home security an everyday priority. It is one of the best steps to keep intruders at bay. Keeping that in mind, Casals Security recommends you to adopt the below mentioned security habits without ado.

  • Set your alarm system on always, even if you are in there.
  • Keep curtains closed, as you would not wish to advertise your house’s TVs, computers, game consoles, music players and other thieves’ favorite items.
  • Keep expensive items in secure safes. A strong fireproof cabinet can protect your valuables like jewelry, important documents and guns from the criminal’s hands.
  • Keep the garage door shut to prevent intruders from seeing the cars, bikes, lawn equipment and other perks present inside. If you have kept these possessions in an outhouse, secure its gate with a strong deadbolt.
  • Trim shrubs regularly, at least to the knee height, so that burglars cannot hide behind them while attempting to break into your house.

With summer being the desirable break-in season for robbers, Casals Security does not want you ending up burglarized. Take these measures now and make your home less attractive to burglars.

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