Responsibility For Your Safety

Take more responsibility for your safety

What are the things that are most important to us? Food, water, money, shelter, security etc., all of these things can be threatened to a very serious extent by a single burglary act. A home being the permanent place of living of anyone or any family should, apart from protecting one from environmental factors (at the very least), feel safe to live in.

Sharpen your attention, let us peruse some data. Our friends over at the Uniform Crime Reporting department-popularly called UCR- of the FBI have defined burglary as the unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or theft. They further explained that an offense may be termed burglary even if there wasn’t any forced entry. Also, an attempted forcible entry may be classified as a burglary. It would interest you to know that in 2011 it was reported that the victims of burglary suffered an estimated accumulated loss worth about 8.4 billion US dollars. That is a whole lot if you carefully count the figures. Burglary offenses have been on the rise since then, you could imagine what that figure would be now with insecurity on a rise. Another interesting data would be the report that burglarized residential structures account for about 75 percent of the total burglary offenses. This means that the perpetrators of these crimes target our homes the most. More interesting still is the fact that convicted offenders have reported the highest point of entry by burglars to be the front door with about 34 %, while the first-floor window accounts for 22 % and then the back door taking 21 %. The other points of entry are unlocked storage areas, garage, basement and secondary floors.

Even with all of the security agencies we have in the world, the figures above are still dangerously high. Hence the need to deploy more security measures and install home security systems in your houses. Just as there are different ways to commit this crime there are different ways to protect your properties. One of which is the security systems in Melbourne that provide warning signs placed on the windows of structures showing that all items in the house are labeled, with serial numbers. Installation of CCTV cameras in Melbourne structures is also an increasing trend.

These crimes can be equally as damaging emotionally and psychologically as they are financialy. The feeling of insecurity which may lead to insomnia and depression, in the long run, is only a scratch on the surface of what victims may suffer from.

Homes (which could be house trucks, house boats, cars – as long as they are not automobile – and built apartments), offices, stores, and all other properties are liable and can be protected efficiently by various methods.

Take the burglars head on today. Trust Casals Security for that most efficient security system and gadgets specifically made for your home and structure type. We at Casals security are only happy when your life and properties are secured.

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