What benefits will an ip controlled access system bring to your business

What benefits will an ip controlled access system bring to your business?

What is an access control system?

It might be a new and technical term for you. Ever seen someone carrying a badge or an access card without which a certain places cannot be entered? Basically it is an access control system which allows an authority to manage, monitor and maintain access to particular premises.

How does the system work technically? Simple! There is an electromagnetic / electrical locking system in place with the help of relays. So, the door locks automatically post the user entry.

There are different types of technology in place for the same like swipe cards, FOB reader, biometric reader i.e. fingerprints or eye recognition.

The technology has been in place since long and now is rapidly changing. Talking about the physical security industry, this technology is amongst the fastest growing sectors. Observing this upward trend, it is noticed that the credit goes to open IP technology that has resulted in immense improvements.

This particular system is used in many factories, good hospitals, transportation networks, medium to big retail stores, and many more industries. Let us look at why so many industries have embraced the IP solution.

Benefits of IP Access Control System

Easy Technology

Living in the technological age, you might be aware that Internet of Things has helped ease many problems. Connectivity is a boon to us. An IP based solution gives you the ability to have simpler connections with other devices or/ and systems.

Let’s look at an example. If a particular employee of a company tries to provide credentials to a door to allow access to an area, then a video camera can recognise that person and if they are not the right person with right credential then an automatic alert can be generated, further, preventing the access.

Better Security with Lesser Wires

IP- based door access system offers better and robust security. It can be managed easily with minimum cost than the traditional technologies. In an IP system the communication from ACS (Access Control System to the ACR (Access Control Reader) takes place over an Internet Protocol (IP).

This means there is no need of multiple cables, just a Category 5e or Category 6 cable will run to each door. An additional power cable is not required at all.

It comes as one small, highly manageable unit

In an IP-based access control system, the 3 units namely the controller, reader and the control panels all reside in a single box. The systems come with already embedded software that can store a person’s credentials. You can easily make changes to the system using any normal web browser from a remote location over the Internet.

Convenient Management of Redundancy or Failure

You can configure a particular IP system for redundancy on the IP network. If connection fails due to failure in cable then the data can be diverted to route on an alternate path. If access to server is lost, the data can still be temporarily saved.

Highly Scale-able and can be Integrated

You can expand the system to hundred spread across multiple sites worldwide and manage the system from your computer anywhere remotely. Moreover, it is extremely convenient to integrate with other products like video surveillance systems.

To migrate to IP based access control system, you can put your trust on Casals Security. Our professionals are not just experienced but perfectly knowledgeable about it to guide you with the right solution. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how this technology can benefit your business and how to implement it.

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