The beauty of home automation system and the types out there for you

The beauty of home automation system and the types out there for you

Do you ever feel like you had a robot that can read your mind and just get everything in your house done for you even before you say it? Ok maybe you are not such a dreamer, maybe you are more realistic and wish you had a remote control device for all the systems in your home.

Maybe you get too lazy when you wake up in the morning to turn on the sprinklers to water the garden, or you get too tired after work to walk down to the switch for the central AC and put it on. In other lovely cases of laziness, you feign being too cold to go put on the heater, need the lights on for just a minute but walking down to the switch and back to put it off after use seems like it’s not worth it? Not bad at all, stop feeling sad because you can actualize these dreams or wishes of yours. All you need do is install a good and comprehensive home automation system.

You probably already must have heard of it but don’t know if it is real or how it works, we would be telling you here though. If you have never heard about it, the home automation system is a system installed in the house that gives control to virtually every mechanical and electrical appliance in the house to a central system which can be controlled remotely using a smart device such as a mobile phone or laptop or tab.

What types are readily there for you?

There are three common types of home automation systems, they are:

  1. Powerline home automation system: this is the cheapest of the three types. It employs the use of additional circuits such as converter circuits and devices in order for information and data to be transferred through the existing power lines. It, however, is a complex process.
  2. Wired home automation system: here all the systems in the home are connected to a central programmable logic controller which can be communicated to by the actuators. The latter are connected to the equipment by the use of what is called a communication cable. The computer which communicates constantly with the controller keeps the entire household systems centralized.
  3. Wireless home automation system: this builds on the wired system in that the communication cables are eliminated and communication between actuator and controller is through a wireless means. The wireless means could be GSM, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

There is no overstating the importance of installing a home automation system. They can also be programmed to have automated electrical energy saving features which would save you money on electricity bills, they help you save physical energy and time, they are also important in helping the elderly and disabled to get the maximum comfort they deserve. Not to mention the automated security services.

Who should you trust with this task?

Installing this system may be prone to attacks which may lead to intrusion to one’s privacy. Therefore only the best people should be trusted to carry out such installations and its maintenance. Casals Security is the team to go to in Melbourne. We are the best of all security companies in Melbourne. Why not let us take care of the office and home security systems, home alarm systems and CCTV installations of your Melbourne properties.

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